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Making the Complex Simple.

Because money doesn't have to be complicated.

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It All Started With a Simple Thought...

It All Started With a Simple Thought...

The financial industry can be a complex place, but current CEO and Founder, Brion Harris, thinks it doesn’t have to be that way. Brion co-founded Premier Planning Group in 2001 with his father, Dan. With the mantra, “always put the client first” in their minds, they created a space that offered retirement, investment, and financial advice in a way that was easy to understand and allowed clients to feel empowered and confident with their money choices. 

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Are You In or Nearing Retirement?

Attending an educational retirement workshop might be great for you! Brion Harris is known in Annapolis and throughout the financial community as one of the top retirement distribution specialists. He specializes in helping retirees turn their nest eggs into income they will not outlive. This enables his clients the opportunity to maintain their current lifestyle in and through retirement while leaving a legacy for the ones they care most about. Sign up for one of Brion’s retirement workshops today to learn how you should be planning for retirement.

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We Always Put the Client First!

We Always Put the Client First!

We are obsessed with the client experience. We always start with clients' needs first and then work backwards. Every decision we make as an organization can be traced back to the benefit of our clients. Their perceptions are our reality and their preferences and opinions become our innovative road map. Therefore we place particular value on personal relationships with our customers. Discover how this helped us create the process we have in place today.

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Giving Back

Premier Planning Group recently partnered with the charity, Gradient Gives Back, which devotes its resources to assisting Americans in advisors' local communities who are distressed or underprivileged and at risk of losing their homes. The Foundation awards deserving families with a full year of mortgage or lease payments in hopes of giving a hand up in life and not just a handout. 100% of all donations go back to deserving families in need. Premier Planning Group’s CEO and Founder, Brion Harris, made a generous donation and with the help of clients and two managing partners, Stephen Holt and Jason LaBarge, was able to raise enough money to award two local families with a full year of housing payments. The families found out they won at a surprise ceremony on April 19th. We are still accepting donations! Click below to learn more and how to donate.

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Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated advisors and staff who all share a common goal: always put the client first! Learn more about how we're here to serve you.

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Our Story

Premier Planning Group was founded in 2001 by father-son duo, Dan and Brion Harris. Learn how they built PPG to the successful financial firm that they are today.

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Our Services

Premier Planning Group offers each client unique, unbiased, and honest advice on retirement and financial planning. Learn how our services can assist you in creating a better future.

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