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Our Process

Premier Planning Group was founded in 2001 with the goal of giving the Annapolis community a financial services firm that offered unique, unbiased, and honest advice on financial and retirement planning. In the past two decades, we've perfected this goal with our client-first approach.

We've created a uniquely designed system of strategically organized experiences designed to give clients an extraordinary sense of clarity, confidence, and capability regarding their future – helping them to minimize their current risks, identify their best opportunities, and leverage their greatest strengths in a reasonably short period of time.

Thank You For Considering Premier Planning Group As Your Financial Team

- First and foremost, we want to thank you for choosing to begin your financial and/or retirement planning with us.

- We know there's a lot of financial advisors out there and are honored that you are putting your trust in us for your financial future.

1. The Discovery

-  We learn about your goals, priorities, and concerns

- You learn about us, our core competences, and the scope of our services

2. The Clarity Meeting

- We become intimately familiar with your current financial situation and help you identify your risks, opportunities, and strengths (i.e. Your Family Index)

- Utilizing our unique experience, skills, and wisdom, we set goals designed to achieve higher levels of productivity and lay the ground-work for developing your financial road map

3. The Strategy Session

- Detailed discussion of our investment recommendations, including fees, liquidity, and explanation of how each solution is designed to help you achieve your desired goals

- Development of the action steps necessary to put your plan in motion

4. The Execution and Delivery

- Implementation of all your financial decisions, including education on using our account aggregation software that will help you monitor and track your account progress

- Providing referrals that can offer legal, accounting, and mortgage support *

- Updating and adding insurance where needed and putting a plan in place to help avoid running out of money during retirement

5. The Wealth Management "Road Map"

- Will help you manage your financial road map by monitoring your portfolio to help ensure that is continues to be in line with your retirement goals

- Deliver world class service and ensure that the various aspects of your financial road map are reviewed on a regular basis