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4 Investment Trends to Watch in 2023

4 Investment Trends to Watch in 2023

| February 08, 2023

2022 was a year of market instability and ended up being the worst year since 2008. This has optimists stating it can only get better in 2023, and realists asking what can make 2023 a better year. 

For the realists and the optimists alike, here are 4 investment trends to watch in 2023.


Gold is one of the most traditional investment options out there, especially during times of volatility. Investors flock to gold in times of turmoil because it is seen as a safe haven from the equity markets. Gold also has typically had a negative performance correlation with stocks; as a result, investors see it as an excellent way to provide diversification protection to their portfolio. Gold has traditionally maintained its value over time and is a stable long-term investment. Investors also use gold to help protect their portfolios from the effects of inflation. 

Though gold did not perform as well as expected in 2022, it has a chance to rebound in 2023. Because the volatility of this past year is expected to continue throughout 2023 as many investors worry about a recession, gold could see renewed interest as an investment trend. 

Renewable Energies

Similarly, renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydropower are growing investment trends to watch in 2023. As everything from fuel shortages, supply-chain disruptions, rising costs of fossil fuels, and a global climate crisis threaten the traditional ways we produce and consume energy, renewable energies will become essential in the future.

It’s estimated that climate change alone could reduce global economic output by as much as $23 trillion over the next 30 years. As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, this is a trend that investors can take advantage of through alternative-energy ETFs.

Recession-Resistant Industries

With continued rising interest rates and the persistent threat of inflation, there has been constant talk of a looming recession—so much so that according to an October 2022 Wall Street Journal survey, 63% of economists are now forecasting a recession and major job losses sometime in 2023, up from 49% in July.  

This suggests that recession-resistant industries will experience renewed growth in 2023 as investors prepare for the possibility of a sustained economic downturn. Sectors like healthcare, utilities, and consumer staples are typically defensive and do not react as much (or at all) to recession-related volatility. This is because demand for these products and services remain relatively consistent despite economic turmoil. 


The overall bond performance in 2022 has not been great. In fact, it could go on record as one of the worst years in history in both the size of the losses (over 16% down) and the range (nearly all bond funds of every type have declined). But the outlook for bonds is improving and the asset class could make a rebound in 2023. For the first time in decades, bond yields are close to what you would expect from stocks. This means there is a potential to make more money in bonds in the upcoming year. 

The current market environment presents an interesting opportunity to buy bonds at significantly discounted prices. Despite the volatility, the outlook for bonds could be more optimistic in 2023. Bond yields and interest rates are up, while prices are down, making greater exposure to bonds an attractive option for many portfolios.

Partner With a Professional

Deciding what to invest in can be a difficult decision. At Premier Planning Group, we want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk to develop a strategy as unique as you are. If you are ready to start the conversation, call our office at (443) 837-2520 or email my executive assistant, Talia Grover, at to set up a complimentary consultation.

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