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Tax Updates 2023!

Tax Updates 2023!

Tax Updates 2023!

According to current IRS guidelines, tax documents needed by investors to file with their taxes are required to be sent by January 31st of each year. This is unless the company has filed and received an extension from the IRS, which can be granted for up to March 15th.

While most companies do have these documents out by the January 31st deadline, it has been our experience that managed money accounts and limited partnerships tend to file for extensions more than others, simply because the accounting tends to be more complicated. We will be listing any companies that our clients our invested in who have received these extensions as we are made aware of them, in the section directly below.

We have also compiled a list of company contact information which you will find here as well, in an effort to help have all necessary information in one place should you need it.

Investment Companies Who Have Obtained Extensions for Tax Documents

We will be updating this section after the January 31st deadline passes for these documents to be mailed out, as we become aware of them. Please check back around mid-February if you are still waiting on tax documents that you feel you should have received already, to see if that company has received an extension from the IRS. 

Also, if you are made aware of an extension that isn't listed here, please don't hesitate to let us know so that we can add to this list! Our hope is that this will provide a helpful resource to assist clients as they navigate filing their taxes, so any additional information that you might be able to provide that might help others, is always greatly appreciated.

-MDS Energy- Extension given through March 15th

-Orion Portfolio Solutions Consolidated 1099 Mailing Schedule (Including Fidelity, Schwab and TD Ameritrade)- Click Here for Additional Information *Please note: 1099-R's are running on schedule to be released by January 31st, this schedule is only if you are waiting on a Consolidated 1099, which could include all or some of the following: 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-OID, 1099-B and/or 1099-MISC

-HGR Liquidating Trust (Formerly Hines Global REIT- Extension given through March 15th

For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor. Neither Cetera Advisor Networks LLC nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.

Investment Company Contact List

CompanyTelephone NumberWebsite
AIG- Now Corebridge 800-280-1243
American Equity888-221-1234
American Funds800-421-4225
American Healthcare REIT (Previously Griffin Healthcare)
Aviva / Athene800-266-8489
Ares (Previously Blackstone)888-310-9352
AXA / Equitable877-222-2144
BC Partners / Alternative Credit Income Fund
Benefit Street Partners212-588-6770
Blue Owl
Blackstone 844-702-1299
Brinker Capital Investments  (Fidelity / an Orion company)800-333-4573
Brighthouse (Previously MetLife)Annuity: 800-882-1292
Life: 800-882-1292
Columbus Life800-677-9595
Corebridge (Previously Sun America and AIG accounts)800 280 1243
Delaware Life877-253-2323
Equitable (Previously AXA)800-789-7771
Franklin Square Investments (FSEP)877-628-8575
FTJ (Orion)800-379-2513
GenworthFixed Annuity: 800-221-9501
Variable Annuity: 800-352-9910
Great American - Now Mass Mutual Ascend 800-854-3649
Griffin Capital Company (Apollo)888-926-2688
Griffin Realty Trust800-679-2112
Hartford Life (Currently Talcot Resolution)Inforce: 800-862-6668
Annuitized: 877-372-2935
Hines Securities888-220-6121
Horizon Investments
(Trust Company of America / Liberty / Axos)
Hospitality Investors
ING (Previously Voya, Currently Venerable)Fixed: 800-369-5303
Variable: 800-366-0066
Inland / Inpoint / MH Ventures800-826-8228
Invesco / Oppenheimer
Inventrust Properties
John Hancock Freedom 529800-344-1029
John Hancock Freedom
KBS / Pacific Oak866-584-1381
LincolnAnnuity: 800-654-5088
Life Insurance: 800-487-1485
Mass Mutual Ascend (Previously Great American)800-854-3649
MDS855-807-0807, Option 1
NetX Investor  (All Persing / Brokerage Statements
Including Hanlon Accounts beginning with 4Z7)
888-406-5444, Option 5
NorthAmericanLife: 877-872-0757
Annuity: 866-322-7069
Northstar Healthcare Income877-940-8777
Pacific Oak (Previously KBS)844-377-5783
Pacific LifeLife Insurance: 800-347-7787
Annuities: 800-722-4448
Reliance Standard800-351-7500
SILA Realty
Steben / LoCorr Fund Management630-954-1919
Sun AmericaSee AIG / CorebridgeSee AIG / Corebridge
Talcott Resolution (Previously Hartford Life)Inforce: 800-862-6668
Annuitized: 877-372-2935
TriLinc Global Impact Fund866-292-9452
Venerable (Previously Voya / ING)
West Coast Life Insurance (My Protective)Annuity: 888-340-3428
Life: 877-778-3500