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Nicole Clyde

Nicole Clyde

Head of Customer Service & Digital Marketing

As Head of Customer Service & Digital Marketing at Premier Planning Group, Nicole enjoys working closely with stakeholders to support PPG’s goals, meet the needs of the firm and provide clients with exceptional support.

She is one of the newest members of the Premier Planning Group team, joining the firm in May 2021.

Nicole has built her skills in a wide range of industries including hospitality, beauty, law, financial services, content development and photography.

As an avid local business supporter and amateur photographer, Nicole has worked with several local restaurants and small businesses in Baltimore to create content and manage and grow their social media channels. She also created a virtual workshop last summer in partnership with a local photography studio to teach fine art photographers how to leverage social media.

Away from work, you can find Nicole scouring recipe books for a weekend cooking project, socializing with friends in one of Baltimore City’s charming neighborhoods or watching the latest Netflix documentary.